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Dr. Kim LIVE

“Believe, Behave, & Be Happy So We Can All Learn To Live and Love More Intelligently Again”


Dr. Kim Rehak has experience working in the applied, experimental, and conceptual realms of Private Practice for many years and through IIBD (International Institute For Behavioral Development, DBA Education Designers), specifically, for 16 years. She worked in many different settings, with many different individuals, with many different teams, representing the full continuum of educational services available (in homes, communities, schools, center-based programs, in-patient, and out-patient treatment facilities), as well as across the full continuum of mental-behavioral health care, providing educational, psychological, and behavioral health services, using both educational and clinical approaches before retiring from these roles. She helped develop the types of effective treatment and programming available to meet the increasingly diverse needs of many different populations, groups, individuals and organizations, both individually and collectively, in the least restrictive environments, while still producing meaningful educational benefits and outcomes, defined as not only ensuring progress and mastery, but the best interests of others (care, safety, welfare, and security).

Dr. Kim learned many things throughout her professional / clinical experiences and work. She also came to find that the ways in which she treated her clients most often produced the most significant and meaningful benefits AKA outcomes/ desired results in their lives. A GOOD will as well as a WILLINGNESS-TO-DO-MORE GOOD approach, coupled with strong boundaries, was and continues to be her “Secret Potion” and the guiding force in all that she does. Dr. Kim received her BS degree and Certifications in Special & Regular Education. Upon graduating in just 3 years, she taught in a public school classroom for 2 years, utilizing the principles of applied behavior analysis and verbal behavior with learners displaying a wide-range of special needs, grades kindergarten through 6. She continued to provide educational, behavioral, and psychological services, as well as training and supervisory services, for a number of years, on a part-time basis, within this school district as well. She also served as a parent liaison and assisted with home programming. Dr. Kim holds Masters’ in Clinical & Counseling Psychology, with a Concentration and Specialization in Addictions Counseling. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst at The Doctoral Level. She is also A Doctor Of Education/ Special Education. Dr. Rehak went on to obtain Additional, Advanced Degrees and Training in Education, Special Education, Behavior Analysis, Behavioral Health, & Medicine. She has attended, contributed to, developed, and helped disseminate Information, Resources, Event Offerings, and a number of other advanced and integrative behavioral health treatments, interventions, and healing/ wellness modalities and training programs over the years by, through, and on behalf of a number of government organizations and entities, contracting entities, and The IIBD DBA EdD. She still maintains some of these certifications, and her former licensures are a relatively easy process/ undertaking to restore/ reactivate in several other discipline areas as well.

Treating individuals and families affected by excessive substance use (addictions) and other treatable conditions was another one of her primary special interest areas in her professional practice and remains one of her areas of Passion. This was her Concentration area in her Graduate Training and Advanced Degree Programming from La Salle University.

In addition to working with other diverse clients and groups over the years, Dr. Rehak taught and worked with many different Higher Education and University Degree Programs in a number of discipline areas, including Criminal Justice, Sociology, The Public Safety Institute, Online Course Development, Education, Special Education, Psychology, Addictions, & Behavior Analysis. She taught over 150 graduate courses at Arcadia University, St. Joseph's University, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Ball State University, and Lehigh University. She worked with hundreds of other University Degree Programs throughout her tenure and assisted with Supervision and Internships, Practicum Placements, and in other roles, helping to provide supervision and experience hours, as well as additional opportunities for enrolled graduate students in need of hands-on, learning experiences in the "real world", defined as the target environments in which the expected, acquired skills were expected to occur, with supervision. She helped design, build, and facilitate Content & Coursework Included In Course-Sequence Approvals leading to additional Certification and Graduate Degree Programs (delivered online, in-person, & using hybrid/ blended options for learning) at a number of universities. She also helped develop Legislation supporting the implementation and enforcement of such programming in the applied realms of practice. Research and development was one of her primary areas of concentration.

Dr. Kim LIVE believes these Models and Options For Learning continue to make sense at most levels of education, and for most learners. Continuing to assess learner variables, needs, and preferences are all ways in which more effective learning environments can not only be engineered, but designed and implemented to enhance understanding and increased levels of acceptance of these learning modalities and forums and platforms, so as to ensure increased access for all individuals in need of more information, resources, and effective services. As such, more parents, families, schools, and other contributing stakeholders can more effectively collaborate to make decisions that are in the best interests of everyone involved. Looking out for the Greater Good of EVERY PERSON, EVERYWHERE, especially the "ultimate beneficiary of the services," whoever is the most vulnerable in a situation, by code, AKA our children, "The Next Generation", has and will continue to be one of Dr. Kim LIVE's priority, "agenda" items.

Licensing boards were designed to not only protect the public, but to increase the capacity of professionals in their areas of expertise to better meet the needs of their clients. "Doing no harm" is the Hippocratic Oath all Doctors are bound to. Certification boards also help to protect the public, however their primary focus is a different one. Defining roles and responsibilities and ethical codes of conduct, as well as responsible guidelines for more ethical practices creates Higher Standards For Care and Professional Practices. This is not only a passion of Dr. Kim LIVE; it is a "non-negotiable". Ethical codes of conduct increase accountability for the professionals bound by the codes for that particular license and/or certification area, thus also helping to protect the public, the recipients of professional services. Helping to protect the public, while simultaneously maintaining a “Do No Harm” mantra is not an option; it is a requirement and in many cases, a legal mandate. What has been happening with the threats to "user and consumer privacy as well as patient and student privacy are not only unconscionable but certainly a risk no professional would ever allow for in their professional practice. Dr. Kim LIVE and Co. have personal and professional experience helping to right such wrongs and address these wrongful practices and conduct appropriately. It is absolutely necessary when working with human lives to not only protect the privacy of humans, but to afford dignity, and their rights, without risking fear of prejudice, discrimination or harm (institutional review board guidelines also for responsible research and protections for human rights in research, included). Apple stands behind such practices and we will continue to support their work as they care equally about protecting the rights of their customers, including their rights to privacy. Dr. Kim is looking forward to more qualified and emotionally and mentally stable technologists and specialists in their areas of expertise continuing to work more closely together to help devise more regulatory practices that will help to ensure the continued health, safety, welfare, and security of all children and families, as well professionals, everywhere. This is Dr. Kim LIVE's second priority agenda item. She is grateful for the opportunity to have taught, modeled, and directly influenced so many in the last year and a half especially, even while on a self-declared leave turned business interruption.

Contributing to the development of additional research, directly and indirectly, legislation, curricula, and assessments, while simultaneously helping to bridge the gaps between what the research says, legislative mandates say, professionals say, and what the conceptual / experimental / applied realms of actual practice currently still SHOW remains a real passion of hers. She has personal and professional experience navigating these systems. Creating more synergy and consistency between these “levels of influence” and groups might help bring more balance to the world. Dr. Kim LIVE believes that Bringing knowledge of new and not-so-new, yet enhanced techniques, approaches, and ways of doing things is the only proof that is needed to demonstrate how everyone can truly interact and work better together, to do their/ his/ and her parts, more authentically, thus helping to imPROVE people's daily lives, as well as to help increase ACCESS to more quality of life experiences, FOR ALL, unless doing harm to others. Educating Parents (Parent Training and Parent Counseling as well as Support & Training For Staff & Personnel) is essential.

Education and drug prevention in the form of increasing not only awareness about unnecessary, preventable suffering cannot be anymore important than right now. Dr. Rehak always hi-lighted these ideas in her practices. Moving this important work from labs and journals to more homes, classrooms, communities, health care entities, legislators, judges, attorneys, and police departments as well as government officials, agencies, organizations, and other forms of law enforcement is so desperately needed). I now have personal experience in seeing everything I have ever said at work coming to fruition in the absence of my work/ myself being the "driver." People leading everyday lives, in everyday situations, can also access the types of treatment and services that can be used to help support their needs, in REAL, OBSERVABLE, and COUNTABLE ways. Everyone has their own set of unique gifts, capabilities, and areas of expertise. It is important to recognize not only our own important gifts, but the important gifts in all of those around us. Not everyone can be gifted in all the same areas. It is important for everyone to find and celebrate their own talents, in their own right. Over the course of her professional careers, Dr. Kim contributed to the development of various institutes leading to not only professional certifications, task forces, initiatives, and other organizational groups, but worked to help achieve her sincere goal of increasing the capacity of these entities and the professionals working within these entities, as well as the individuals to be served by and through these organizations so as to establish criterion and competencies that worked together to help ensure increased awareness, more recognition, and progress for everyone involved, in their areas of expertise.

IIBD was officially incorporated in 2005. Many contracted providers, groups, affiliates, partners, and entities worked through, by, and on behalf of IIBD. Many of these providers and groups still work independently of IIBD to provide many different effective services. Dr. Rehak continues to recommend contacting these providers and groups, directly!

To contact Dr. Rehak directly to schedule an intake appointment for the types of Life Coaching & Consulting services she is currently still able to provide very part time, in a semi-private practice context, given a number of factors, please use the sites, or to make your initial point of contact. You can also call 445.200.7423 to schedule an in-person or by phone appointment.

In the more recent past, She created the Model and Model Site location for Clinical Counseling Pediatrics, part of Pediatric Behavioral Health Care. She was working with many other folks on a new design and model in Education. This work was interrupted by Facebook and Lean In's Sheryl Sandberg in the fall of 2019. She continued to have some conversations with Scarlett Mendoza after this time but all work has ceased on the building of these sites until a number of business and other personal legal matters are settled at a level Dr. Kim and her groups are satisfied by professionally and personally. Dr. Kim Looks forward to continue when the time is right on the building of Model and Model Site location For Education, including Options For Learning, By Education Designers.

Currently, Dr. Kim is available Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday mornings, Thursday mornings, Fridays and Saturdays by appointment only on a limited, part-time basis to continue to provide some of the professional services she once provided nationally and internationally. through her part-time, local Private Practice while her Businesses remain temporarily closed for some of the aforementioned reasons. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, once again, the limited services currently available are still by appointment only, and on a case-by-case basis, following an intake appointment usually, in person, directly.

Some Continued Areas of Private Practice Concentration and Focus will include:

Life Coaching


Dr. Kimberly Rehak is a Board Certified TeleMental Health Provider. The BC-TMH credential identifies those Professionals who are uniquely trained in best practices for delivering traditional behavioral healthcare through technological means. She was formerly a Distance Credentialed Counselor, and she maintains her Telehealth Practitioner Certification. She used technology for many years to meet the needs of her clients and contracted providers and groups and advocated strongly for the inclusion of these platforms not only to increase access to the technology but more importantly to facilitate increased access of the professional services people needed. Unfortunately, she continues to have concerns with the lack of safety the field of technology provides for licensed and certified professionals, as well as their clients and patients. She continues to only use phone and in person appointments for her clients. Dr. Kim has tried and tested many platforms. She will not endorse any when it comes to Hippa laws and privacy protections for consumers of services. This is not a change. She used technology to facilitate coaching, counseling, and consulting services far and wide, prior to COVID-19, using an educational model of service delivery. Dr. Rehak completed advanced training and programming in Clinical Telepractice Issues (Handling online emergencies) and Non-Violent Crisis Prevention Intervention. She was formerly a Certified Instructor in this area also, providing staff trainings, oversight, and support to various groups and providers. While Dr. Rehak is currently not actively providing additional professional services she formerly once provided, she maintains her Board Certification in Behavior Analysis at the Doctoral level, with the supervisory capability, and she continues to possess active Certifications in multiple discipline areas as well that are not bound to a physical or geographical constraint, though she is not actively practicing through most of these. She continues to maintain an active certification as a Clinical Trauma Treatment Professional and Certified Assertiveness Coach and a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider (CMHIMP). She is an active (yet passive) member of The International Association of Trauma Professionals as well as the American Counseling Association. She is an affiliate member of Applied Behavior Analysis International, The American Psychological Association, The Association for Counselor Education & Supervision, The American Mental Health Counselor's Association, The American Counseling Association Foundation, and NARACES. Until the more recent past, she was still contributing in more limited ways to the following SIGS (Special Interest Groups, Committees, and Sub-Committees): SUD, Integrated BH, MH Parity, Child & Adolescent BH, Suicidality and Suicide Prevention, MH Education, CMHC Professional Identity and Practice Rights (SOP). She is a retired teacher of the National Educator's Association (retiring from the only school district with which she was ever employed) in SE PA in 2019. She worked as a classroom teacher in 2002, 2003, and 2004, before becoming a consultant in this district prior to retiring in the more recent past . She is proud to be a new member of the Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees.

Dr. Kim LIVE is looking forward to bringing all of her professional training and experiences along with her to some "new scenes", with some "new roles", in some "new scripts", in the entertainment industries. Dr. Kim began taking Acting and Modeling classes in the spring of 2019 through Acting & Voice Studios, Master's Classes, and John Cassablanca's Acting & Modeling School. Dr. Kim also completed her certification and licensure in licensed responsible serving and in bartending. While she does not have bar time experience, she is looking forward to growing the entertainment opportunity/ event opportunity arms of Dr. Kim LIVE in more countable and meaningful ways in the years ahead. Dr. Kim LIVE will also continue to support the widespread dissemination of accurate and right information and resources that help so many in her former "work worlds" while she remains in "Interrupted Mode"/ status.

MODELING what is right (ethics) will continue to be among her primary areas of special interest/ concentration and focus areas. This was an obsession for sure as evidenced by the creation of this content, increased requirements for professionals to obtain professional development in this area, and the borderline compulsive loop for the last several years of teaching at the HIGHER education level and in every sphere she practiced. Knowledge without character is meaningless and worse, dangerous. "People who know what good is." Buying education is not enough; it is important to teach people right from wrong / good vs. evil (ethics/ character). Honesty must be a part of these teachings. Nothing good is ever born out of lies. Asking BETTER questions, like, "Are you aware that...." Or Does he/she know right from wrong? can help determine whether someone is acting with mal-intent simply to get what he/ she wants or to get out of what he or she does not want. There is no black or white with ethics. There is still a right and there is still a wrong.