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Dr. Kim LIVE

Will be promoting only highly qualified and beneficial products and services right here! Stay Tuned. Stay excited. Stay above those clouds! Plane crashes are terrible experiences to endure, but on the road to recovery. Runways and runways, oh my!

This page will feature soma energetics products and services. I have been using these services, sharing information about these services, researching these products and services and more for many years now. Most of the places I know are aware since I always shared my personal story during my wellness/ self care workshops on stress management, etc. Though, I started this path long before I experienced loss and hardship in my life. I love to learn. And I love to understand how things work. I may not always remember names and where things are, but I do remember the models, the techniques housed within the models, and more that way. These tuning forks really help you tune in and get tuned up. Like a car, that needs to go in for a tune up. 

I will share more here, on Twitter, and on LinkedIn, like I always did. I do not have my vlog/ pod cast/ or blog going on right now, but I am working on a real Autobiography. It is fascinating how many have contributed lines, verses, and more!

Disregard the information below, these are just the templates now that are so cookie cutter, drop down menus, and more, and I have to learn the new settings each time, like students, or clients, or patients. You have to really take the time to learn the new platforms. Since webs was acquired by Vistaprint, I am learning all over again over here, which will take some time. This page will be all about Soma Energetics Products with backlinks to my twitter and LinkedIn accounts where I will share more information about how amazing these tools really are, too. Choose the healing modality and models that are right for you. In health care, you can still usually pick your provider, so long as they are willing to participate. If they are not, you still have other options available to you.

My Product