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When interventions used by parents and professionals from a variety of disciplines are linked to an accurate and careful assessment, they can help ensure the mental and emotional health and welfare of children.

Clinical Counseling Pediatrics, part of Pediatric Behavioral Health Care, launched its model site location in Red Hill in 2017. IIBD (the parent organization) had been working tirelessly to help pediatricians and primary care physicians understand the importance of early detection and effective services. 

RED HILL, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, June 10, 2019 / -- Identifying behaviors that may be impeding or disrupting a child’s functioning requires a careful analysis of all relevant factors that may be contributing to the development of the problems. Behavioral health care and screenings help families and educators understand the needs of children to ensure their mental and emotional health and welfare and provide access to effective treatment.

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“IIBD provided educational, psychological, and behavioral services to and on behalf of a variety of different types of clients,” says Dr. Rehak. “Behavioral development can look differently based on what needs to be developed.”


SME- Key To Salvation, Human Behavior, Psychology, Education, Behavioral Health

The types of professional services Dr. Rehak currently provides, directly, are available by private appointment only @The IIBD Service Center and/ or by phone.
Contact Dr.KimRehak@TheIIBD.Com, go to or, or call 445.200.7423 today if you would like to schedule a private appointment. Volunteer services are also available, upon request. 

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